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water on stone productions

water on stone productions

Ann Richardson & Mary Lou Richardson

We are artists, musicians, writers and designers who draw inspiration from a fascinating assortment of found objects, ideas, styles, sounds and spaces - making Spirit Art: Art from Spirit for Spirit.

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Curiosity, Exploration, Expression

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An early alchemist, I cut my teeth experimenting in my friend Debbie’s kitchen. Her mother, a pioneer work-outside-the-home mom, oft left us unwittingly to our own devices - unsupervised save for her grandmother (who I now suspect suffered dementia) along with her older sister, her baby and her three-legged Afghan Hound.

Making sure the coast was clear we would empty the cupboards of flour, baking powder, soda, yeast and food coloring making colorful concoctions that would fizz, bubble and expand till they overflowed the bounds of their containers.

As we left our creations on a tree stump baking in the sun we would change into our bathing suits, blow up the beach raft and fill the tub to the tippy top. Then we’d ride bareback two-astride our canvas stallion upon the waves of our childhood fantasies.




Born on the first day of the year 2010, this pick of the litter was chosen by her grandfather for the distinctive black spot on her nose.

She honed her wanderlust skills riding next to him on our trips to the coast always obliged to relieve him of a French-fry or two.

Her name Tyne for 'river' and Anaite for 'tempest' reflects her personality - easy going, fluid - full of verve, vigor and enthusiasm.

This all about the cuddle yellow lab gets giddy about retrieving socks and underwear from the clothes dryer. She is as comfortable romping about in water as she is walking a'la tightrope style on the back of a sofa.



Music figures in so many of my fondest early memories - twirling about to Strauss waltzes in our basement, performing princess puppet shows with musical soundtracks, lip singing to the anthems of plucky heroines from popular recordings of South Pacific, Annie Get Your Gun and Oklahoma, and playing about with a family Christmas present that let us cut and record our own vinyl records.

Later, my encouraging Grandmother, an expert seamstress who made me and other lucky relations some really adorable outfits, allowed me to troll her wondrous assortment of fabrics, sequins, tassles and trims. Friends and I would whip up costumes for backyard musicals (in the earlier fashion of Micky Rooney and Judy Garland), gather unsuspecting "troops," and “rally” them with upbeat standards like Let the Sun Shine In, This Little Light of Mine and Keep on the Sunny Side.



our art

In the same way ancient navigators used points of light in the sky as their beacons, we call upon the natural world, our instincts and memories, and ancestors and enlightened beings for guidance.

Adventurers at heart, we feed our longing for travels that take us not only to new locations but also to the deeper places of our spirits, exploring without attachment to destination or outcome.

We are dedicated to the heartfelt path, the reclamation of spirit in the realm of matter. By blending tools and materials of the artist with dimensions of the spirit -imagination, wonder, celebration and love - we deepen our connection to the sacred.